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Windows 10 64 bit ita 2022

It works on any PC running Windows 7 and later (both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows), but not Linux or Mac, and allows you to download both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10 ISOs.
The tool asks whether you want to upgrade your current PC or download the Windows 10 ISO. For current purposes, we choose the second option: Create an installation media for another PC . Let’s continue with Next.
During my test I wasn’t able to get the direct creation of the USB memory to work (the flash drive wasn’t detected), so I can’t evaluate the effectiveness of this feature.
In the first case, right-click on the file and select Burn Disk Image from the context menu to open the file with the built-in burning utility. If your computer does not incorporate an optical drive, please refer to this article for our recommendations:

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You can indeed download Home, Home N, Home Single Language, Pro and Pro N ISO files of Windows 10 from Microsoft (the difference between Windows 10 Home vs Pro) without having to enter a product key. Please note: the ISO image file contains all editions of Windows 10, but there is a way for you to choose the specific version you want to download. (for example, Pro edition) .
In this guide, we will use the official media creation tool to download the latest stable version of Windows 10 ISO image directly from Microsoft, without having to enter the product key. If you want to do the direct download, without using the media creation tool., check out our guide on how to download Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft directly in your web browser.
Step 1: Go to this Microsoft page and click on the Download Tool Now button (in the “Do you want to install Windows 10 on your PC?” section) to download the media creation tool .

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Microsoft doesn’t limit itself to this, but provides a real tool, which allows the user to download Windows 10 and later update his computer, prepare a flash drive with Windows 10 installation files saved on it, or burn Windows 10 setup files on a DVD.
Before releasing the final version, Windows 10 was available as a Technical Preview, a technical version that was completely free and did not require you to have any previous version of Windows.
All installations of Windows 10 Technical Preview used the product key of NKJFK-GPHP7-G8C3J-P6JXR-HQRJR, but this serial number is now locked, so you won’t be able to activate Windows 10 through it.

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